Self-analysis Related to Lifestyle Part 2


This is the follow up post of a questionnaire I posted last year to see whether I have changed my lifestyle or not. The question were simple to answer and were a check on our lifestyle.

Let me answer those questions again and see the progress. Here I go,

Question No. 1: What was your sleep pattern last month?

Answer: This month my sleep pattern was consistent. I tried to maintain my wake up time and sleep time daily and I succeeded in doing that.

Question No. 2: How many hours do you sleep daily at night?

Answer: I slept for 6 hours daily at night. It is same as the last month.

Question No. 3: Did you consume healthy food last month?

Answer: Yes, I consumed healthy food last month. Everyday I cook food for my family. No fast food this month and went to dine…

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