Gooey Chocolate Blueberry Flapjack

Nourishing Amy

Rich and crumbly nutty flapjack studded with juicy blueberries and sweet rich chocolate. These bars are naturally vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free and are easy and quick to make. They are a great mid-afternoon snack, delicious breakfast or enjoyed with a cup of tea.

I do love a good flapjack bar but more often than not, I find the shop-bought ones far too sweet and sickly. So, I thought it was about time to change all that. And given that it’s quite chilly here in the UK now, I was only too happy to spend the afternoon in the kitchen playing around with a simple, wholesome and tasty treat.

Gooey Chocolate Blueberry Flapjack Gooey Chocolate Blueberry Flapjack

These Gooey Chocolate Blueberry Flapjack come together really easily in one bowl before pressing them down and baking in the oven. Wait for them to cool slightly before slicing into flapjack bars and then enjoy with a warming…

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