16 Benefits of Meditation


What is all the hype about meditation? Why bother?

Are you happy inside? Truly happy inside?

Can you be completely alone and happy? Peaceful, and calm?

Do you get upset quickly?

Do you make bad decision? Do you regret things you have done?

Do you ask is this all to life?

Meditation and mindfulness are like the buzz words. But what does it mean to meditate? Why bother?

Meditation means to focus, to concentrate, to link with your spirit and to the divine.

Just think for a second. Does your mobile self charge itself ?

We are Souls, we are Spirits, and when we run on empty and full of junk, we don’t run. We feel empty and we feel what is the point. So guess what? Meditation is the charging of I the Soul. Like our mobiles can’t run on empty or when they are full! Then how can…

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