5 Ways to Spend Less Money in 2020

The Anxious Introvert

One of my goals this year was to cut back on frivolous spending – something I’ve been thinking but doing nothing about for a long time. After all, I’m a girl who loves shopping, be it online or at the mall, and the thought of not being able take part in my favorite past time in downright depressing.

However, I, like most of you, am not made of money, and as a person obligated to pay off loans and such, I think it is important to take better control of my well-earned resources. This is not only responsible but also a form of self-respect, so it’s important to me to give this task my finest efforts.

So are there ways to use my money responsibly, but also still enjoy shopping and the fun that entails? The answer is: Yes! In fact, down below are five of my tried-and-true ways to…

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