8 Way to Increase Sales for Shopify and e-Commerce Stores

Just Keep Shippin'!


It is just one word but it is too elusive. Too many e-commerce entrepreneurs have failed, and you surely do not want to become just another statistic. But how do you exactly increase ecommerce sales?

Here are nine things that I do:

  • Create Great Content That Helps
  • Offer Upsells That Are Relevant
  • Show Featured Products
  • Give Discounts That Matter
  • Nudge at Their Sense of Urgency
  • Provide Demos as Proof of Concept
  • Give Freebies That Are Interesting
  • Use Clear Call to Action

Let us tackle each, and study how these best practices can boost ecommerce sales for your website. Whether you are using Shopify or another platform, these e-commerce sales techniques will surely yield results.

1. Create Great Content That Helps

What is content?

Content is a blog post. No matter what kind of online store you operate, you need content that helps people, and you can only do this…

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