A Walk In The Park

Heaven On Earth

With camera in hand, I went to Reintstein Park. To my astounded eyes, the colors that are showing now, are some of the brightest I think I’ve ever seen! I think from all the rain we had this year, this year’s Exhibition of Color is going to be phenomenal. As it is, what I found had me wowing out loud. My voice had to be heard and heard it was. A woman actually heard me wowing and came to my side, wowing right along with me.

The Presence of the Divine radiating from Mother’s Tapestry was so strong that day, I felt like falling to my knees. Sore though they were from all that gardening, I don’t think I would have been able to do so. However, my wow’s and saucered eyes filled with adoration for what was before me, more then made up for not falling to my…

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