KEEP TRYING. KEEP LEARNING. #motivational #learn


A thought struck me today, about the essay and story topics we used to get in school when we were really young, say in the 3rd-4th grade…

  1. If you became Prime Minister for a day
  2. If you had XYZ (huge amount) of money, what you would do with it
  3. What do you want to be when you grow up

Do you’ll remember that too? Write down the topics in the comments section if you do ! Weren’t those the good old days!

If I became Prime Minister for a day, I would remove all the suferings of my people.
I would buy lots of chocolates with the XYZ money, share and eat with all my friends and we’d be happy forever after. Easy peasy! Oh but I so wouldn’t share them with that nasty kid who stole my pencil the…

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