Chocolate Cookies with Choco Chips

Karan's Bake House

Our All-Time FAVORITE Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe got some twist with addition of Blue Ingredients Cocoa Powder to make cookies more Chocolaty and to be loved more. These Soft, Chewy And Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies Are Perfect For Any Occasion.

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like homemade chocolate cookies. Am i right?? Or am i right?? I am damn sure that if u try this recipe once you will never gonna buy chocolate cookies from the market again.

Like all the recipes on my blog this is also very easy to make and will just take only 10 minutes for preparation.

I would like to thank Oven Treats by Purvi and Hima bindu for trying my recipe and for awesome photographs.

Photo by Oven Treats by Purvi

Image by Hima Bindu

Yield – 22 cookies of 15g each.


  • Refined Flour – 1 cup (minus 2 tbsp)

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