Not Everyone Bakes

My Forty Something Life

Boredom can lead to troubling actions. I have baking in the category of things I only ever consider when I’m bored. As in really bored. The ‘I am so bored I will consider doing things I never normally do’ type boredom. On Sunday afternoon I decided it would be a good idea to bake a cake. I should have remembered that not everyone bakes. A lot of people (me included) can’t bake.

I can hardly cook never mind bake so I should put this type of good idea in the bad idea bin. It never turns out well. But after, what was meant to be, a relaxing Sunday morning I got to the afternoon and decided I should do something. Eating cake is not part of my current health drive; so of course this was what I settled on as something I should do.

How hard can baking be?


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