Is Your Smart Watch Controlling You?

KB Strength & Wellness

Last week I decided to turn off all notifications on my Apple Watch and stop tracking my workouts, calories, and steps. And let me tell you, it’s been the most relaxing, most peaceful week I’ve had in awhile. I knew that it was stressing me out, but I honestly didn’t realize HOW much.

This idea came about after I hurt my back and was forced to take it easy for a week or so. I was tired of having my watch continue to tell me that I wasn’t doing enough! I had my personal ‘move’ goal set at 800 calories, the workouts are always set at 30 min every day, plus you need to accumulate 12 standing hours per day. Most of the time I could reach those parameters. MOST of the time. But on the days (prior to my injury) that I couldn’t reach them, EVEN if it was…

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