Lens-Artists Challenge #68 – LAYERED

Travels and Trifles

“Layer by layer art strips life bare.”

Robert Musil


Amy has given us some interesting food for thought this week with her “Layered” challenge. I’ve chosen to feature some images I made over the course of a few evenings last week on Kiawah’s beach.  Our summer humidity has lifted and beautiful clear weather has become the norm. Sand, sea and sky combine to become one of Mother Nature’s best examples of layered perfection. My opening image also includes a set of beachfront umbrellas standing watch as the sky develops its beautiful layers of color.

sunset, reflection, beach, Kiawah Island SAND, SEA AND SKY

“I like to compare my method with that of painters centuries ago, proceeding from layer to layer.”

Alberto Moravia

In the capture above, the sky turns ever more beautiful just before the sun finally sets. A lone bird searches for its evening meal in the waters reflecting the colorful sky…

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