My Donegal Garden – Hot Colours in the Borders

Watching the Daisies

At summer’s zenith, my garden is emboldened with lots of hot hues, that liven up the borders.

Orange Day Lilies brighten this corner of the central bed:

IMG_7632Crocosmia Lucifer stands tall and proud behind Salvia hotlips, Geranium psilostemon, Rose “Paul Scarlet” and Fuschia. It looks well against the dark foliage of my purple Elder tree, while white Lilies emerge angelically from the front of the border:


Deep red Scabious, rescued at near death from a garden centre, are thriving and have provided me with lots of new offspring:


While yellow Lysimachia romp around a number of beds, and need regular taming:

IMG_7677This border also provides a home for some softer colours, including the blue of the daisy like Catanache caerulea, which were grown from seed:


Meanwhile, the tall stems of soft blue Verbena bonariensis shelter a cerise Geranium and dark leaved Heuchera. My flying goose sculpture seems to enjoy…

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