World record gathering of Bentley motor cars at Blenheim Palace 2019.

The Diary of a Country Bumpkin

September has been quite a busy month, starting with the Salon Prive Concours event at Blenheim Palace which took place on 7/8th September and what a splendid weekend it was.

Saturday started with meeting friends from the Bentley Drivers Club at the hotel where a rather splendid dinner and dance was held in the evening which enabled my wife and I to dance the night away which was a great way to start the weekend.

Bentley Motors were celebrating their centenary and to that end they were hoping to gather 1001 Bentleys to celebrate 100  Extraordinary Years, however on the Sunday there were gathered together 1321, a world record.

We started the day by meeting a friend of mine from schooldays when everything was in black and white and corporal punishment was rife, ah happy days!

I was very surprised to learn it was in fact 14 years when we…

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