Seeing the world’s biggest mall and fountain

Passport Overused

After getting situated at my accommodation, it was time for me to go back to the Dubai mall. Im not much of a shopping person. I prefer to not spend extra money on items that won’t increase in value over time. I was going to the mall for sightseeing.

My Airbnb apartment photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Took the metro to the Dubai mall. It’s hard to miss because their is a stop on metro named after it. It was about three stops away from where I was staying. It’s funny, this city is almost built around this mall. I didn’t know that this mall is actually apart of the burj khalifa. It’s the base of the building. Makes sense, why it feels like this city is built around this mall.

Inside view of the Dubai mall photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Once at the mall, you are kind of…

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