Motivational quotes that help me confront anxiety.

Let me be frank with you, dear reader. For those suffering from anxiety, it’s not always that someone will be by your side, trying to soothe your frayed nerves and an anxious, panic-ridden mind. There are and will be times when you are on your own when caught in a storm, with no help in dealing with the confusion and the dread. It’s at such times that you have to fall back on yourself, unearth the courage from the depths of your own mind and face the situation.

Past experiences help a lot at such times. Moments, when we went through similar stressful situations and dealt with them with strength, are the moments that will give you the confidence to deal with the disturbing moments that torture you at such times.

Also, motivating quotes that one can recite to oneself, affirmations that one can begin the day with, come to…

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