Fitness bloggers don’t always resonate well

Exercise and Health

This is a guest post from the truly awesome writer Katherine Hansen. You should check out her amazing site A Hansen Chronicle. Katherine shares her experience about why some fitness bloggers don’t always resonate as well as they could with their audience. Enjoy the good read!

Spin Your Cycle by Katherine Hansen

I have a tendency to get a little annoyed by some fitness websites (not this one) — for at least two reasons.

First, it often seems like they’re ‘preaching to the converted’ — catering to people who are already fit.

Second, they can come across as looking down on those who aren’t, by over-simplifying both what the attainable goals should be and what it takes to reach them.

Here’s a post at my blog that touches on this idea:
I was especially interested in doing a guest post for this site because neither of those is…

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