Top 5 tips to be a better programmer without programming!



As an industry, I’d say we’re all pretty clued up on how to be a better programmer:

  • Write code and write some more code
  • Read lots of code
  • Write your implementation, then rewrite it, then rewrite it again
  • Use meaningful names/structures
  • Refactor, refactor, refactor
  • Test, test, test

You get the idea.

In the majority of the Top 10 tips scattered around the internet for steps on how to be a better programmer, they lack what I consider the fundamentals. Now, these fundamentals don’t just improve your programming ability they improve your health, wellbeing and just generally make you a better human.

1- Get your 8 hours!

Picture of a tweet saying "The best debugger is a good night sleep"

We’ve all seen the crazy routines of some top dog CEOs where they go to bed at midnight, wake up at 3am and read 2 books by 5am, these are absolute bullshit. And if you think can get by just fine with 5-6…

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