Natural Remedies for 5 Everyday Problems

Living Foundation's Mind Dump

Ever had a bad day ? No , then your
probably the devil , in which case i request you to stop stakling my small ,
humble website and go back to rigging political sir are doing a
fine job no doubt. but for us others , the answer is a resounding yes. small
little problems that pop up on the daily , nagging enough to mess up our vibe
but perhaps not big enough to warrent aggressive action .like that one mouse in
your house you only see once or twice a month(…till he procreates and then
you have a rat infestation.)

Things you would want would go away but are
just manageable enough that you dont care. or mabye you don’t like the chemical
potions you have to ingest to take care of them. either way , no worries .

have listed natural solutions to 5…

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