Britain’s Birthplace of Photography

The World according to Dina

We Bookfayries surprised our beloved Dina with a visit to Lacock. It’s the place where Henry Fox Talbot produced the first photographic negative from a window of his grand house, Lacock Abbey, in August 1835. Dina was quite excited to visit the museum in his former home and we as well. Of course, Dina had to take a picture of this window too.

Wir Buchfeen haben der lieben Dina eine Reise nach Lacock spendiert. Dort hatte Henry Fox Talbot im August 1835 das erste fotografische Negativ von einem Fenster in seinem großartigen Haus, der Lacock Abbey, aufgenommen. Dina war richtig aufgeregt, das Museum, das heute in diesem Haus untergebracht ist, zu besuchen – und wir ebenso. Natürlich musste auch sie dieses Fenster fotogafieren.

As is often the case, the zeitgeist inspired several inventors finding a technique to take and reproduce pictures. The Frenchman Louis Daguerre also got an idea to fix…

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