Tribal Smoothies and Raw Cherry Chocolate Baobab Cheesecake

Nourishing Amy

Tribal smoothies are an industry leading brand when it comes to active nutrition and their range of exotic fruit smoothies are packed with organic baobab proving “natural fuel for life”. They are champions of “real-food” so their smoothies are great energising pouches for on the go fuel. Although, as you’ll see, they are also great to use in baking, breakfasts, snacking and any other time of the day – not just for exercise. Take a look at the range here and their Instagram here.

To quote some of the ways in which their smoothies provide you with natural fuel, the drinks contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, they are a source of fibre, non-GMO and are vegan-friendly!

Tribal Smoothies
Tribal Smoothies

So, what is baobab and why is it such a superstar in their super smoothies?

Baobab trees can be found at the heart of many communities in Africa…

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