Apps you (almost) can’t live without

Alice in LDN

I’m part of a generation where technology is at the fore-front of everyday life, I’m guilty of spending far too long glued to a screen, whether it’s my phone, laptop or kindle. We spend more time interacting digitally than face to face. Don’t get me wrong, technology is great, I’d be lost without it, (literally what happened pre google maps?), but I can’t help  and feel that we need to take a break and learn to interact without a screen.

Saying that, technology is going no where, we might as well embrace it and use it to our benefit. Here’s my list of apps I’d recommend checking out:

woman wearing purple shirt holding smartphone white sitting on chair


Yes we all have deliveroo and just eat, they’re nothing ground-breaking. What is though are a couple of apps that aim to reduce food waste and prevent shops and cafes getting rid of perfectly good food at the end of the…

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