Less thinking, more doing: tips to jump start your motivated self

Lianne Marissa

Recently i’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to feel motivated. What drives me to jump out of bed in the morning, energises me to workout or inspires me to write? A big part of me felt that the change in season might have been a catalyst to feeling a surge in energy, but I’m not sure that makes quite sense since Autumn brings the dying of summer, colder mornings and darker nights. Wouldn’t that make me want to hibernate?

I’ve been more motivated than ever. After a bit of a slump and de-motivated spell I’m finally getting my drive back, and whilst I’m on this Lianne 2.0 kick I wanted to share my thoughts about the little things that helped me to get my mojo back.


First lets talk about the one bad habit that dwindled my drive in the first place.


I was stuck in a…

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