4 more reasons to reduce your screen time… after reading this


1. Screens now divide rich from poor

Human contact is now a luxury good,” asserts this thought-proving New York Times piece. “The wealthy can afford to opt out of having their data and their attention sold as a product,” writes Nellie Bowles. “The poor and middle class don’t have the same kind of resources to make that happen.” Equally, whilst richer people and their children can and do escape from screens, less well-off people cannot. Whence a mass generalisation of ‘Steve Jobs syndrome’ (he strictly limited his own kids’ access to the iconic gadgets he invented): Silicon Valley seems to think screens are great for everyone… but themselves. As the article puts it:

Tech companies worked hard to get public schools to buy into programs that required schools to have one laptop per student, arguing that it would better prepare children for their screen-based future…

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