Chapter 527: Canon EOS 4000D + EF-S 18-55mm Lens

The Flying Tofu

For the longest time now I’ve always wanted a DSLR Camera! Mainly to look cool and of course to take better pictures. I’ve been relying on my iPhone and My Dads Sony CyberShot Digital Camera.Although not bad, I could never get nicer and more focused pictures at night or in low-lighting situations…. So it was time to get cracking on with life and to get my hands on something better. In the passed I had a GE X5 Bridge Style Compact Digital Camera, but over the years it’s been acting funny where it’ll shut-down by itself or refuse to focus at all, so I’ve given up on that…

During the Christmas period, I ended up being torn between the growing popular Mirrorless style cameras and an actual DSLR, in the end I settled for the Canon 4000D. It’s an entry-level camera at a very affordable price for beginners, which…

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