Keto: Let Them Eat (Pan) Cakes?

All The Shoes I Wear

Keto? No problem!
Another pound down today, yay! I’m truly enjoying trying new recipes that help us feel as though we aren’t being denied all the things we love, furthermore, it helps us stay on point. It simple psychology that we crave the most, the things we are restricted from. I say psychology but really it’s plain old fashioned sin nature…. I want what I want and nothing and nobody will forbid me, also known as rebellion. Nonetheless, we never want a cigarette, cocktail, fat slice of cake, more than in the very moment we decide to give it up. It’s the downfall of just about every healthy change we undertake.
I’m a texture eater and although I lost 20lbs last time, I didn’t really know how to feed us so it very quickly became monotonous and boring. As a result, I pretty much just stopped eating altogether. I missed…

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