The (not so) Far East (London)

Lir's Pick

As promised, here are a few recommendations for cafes in the Clerckenwell-Shoreditch area (for a couple more, see my previous post). As Clerckenwell and Shoreditch have so many cool places you can visit, it was not easy to narrow it down, but I did my best. Moreover, I’m sure there are many more cool spots I didn’t get the chance to visit, so if you happen/ed to stumble upon one I’ve missed, I would love to know 😉

Gosewell Road Coffee (Jonestown)

While in London, I was staying in Clerckenwell for a few nights, and one morning I was casually walking down the street. I was in great need for coffee and a snack, and was headed towards the closest Grind, when my eye caught a colorful and intriguing looking cafe. From the outside I could see the place has huge lamps, both round and star shaped, hanging from…

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