Moving Hacks 101: My Tips To Moving House

Love, Missa

It’s that time and you’ve decided that you want a change of space. Maybe you’re jet-setting across the globe to a new land, or perhaps you’re just moving out of home for the first time. Whatever your intention for moving may be, these are a few tips and tricks that I’ve stumbled across during the years that you might find helpful.


Experience #1: Organise Your New House Prior to Moving

Maybe it seems obvious but there’s nothing worse than deciding to move only to have it come down like a ton of bricks. There are plenty of real estate websites and locations to have a wander. It’s pretty tough getting into it, I won’t lie, but it’s worth it. The reason it’s best to organise your new house before leaving your current one is pretty simple; it ensures that you won’t be homeless or on a friend’s couch if your…

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One thought on “Moving Hacks 101: My Tips To Moving House

  1. I always wish I would get it organized first and then move. I find myself yet again in the mass move of years of chaos and the unpacking and organizing process second. I agree and encourage everyone to rid the clutter first! It makes moving so much less stressful.


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