Tips: Thailand

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Tip 1 – Be Careful with your stuff on Big Bus Trunk

The Lonely Planet as a section for that on the trips from Bangkok to the south but we got the some problem on a short trip, between Surathani and Koh Lanta. Don’t leave anything that is worth something to you. The thieves take the most random things: from toothpaste to money and used pens…

Tip 2 – Visiting some temples or the National Palace in Bangkok

As Thailand is a buddhist country, and those are sacred places, dress modestly when visiting temples and palaces. The dress code for men is trousers and no sleeveless T-shirts. For women, long skirt/trousers, but not tight! Leggings will not work. And no sleeveless T-shirts or cleavage. If you do not respect the dress code they will not let you in. If you forgot and were thinking of getting one of those “elephant…

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