Malaysia: Day 1


It was 2012 when I first went to Asia. It was because of work and since I was always drawn to this continent, I didn’t mind it the least. This first experience with China was a definite one, even in the last five years I’ve always wanted to go back, not necessarily to China but to Asia for sure. You might laugh but my relationship with China is more like a love-hate one, but this is another story.

buildings-business-city-22804re Photo by Zukiman Mohamad from Pexels, link:

This year I finally could manage to go back to this exotic continent, this time it was a short holiday packed with culture, history and travelling in Malaysia. Not many people know about this tropical heaven, most of the people go to Bali when it comes to having a holiday next to the sea, but Malaysia is a great destination. It has everything to…

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