Wednesday Kitty Pictures

Andrew's View of the Week

This week’s shop pictures look a lot like last week’s shop pictures – piles of parts moving from here to there.  Also it was pointed out to me, that in a recent post I mentioned cats, but failed to post any pictures of cats.  Apparently this is distressing to some people, so I’ll attempt to make up for my mistake by posting the following four cute cat pictures:

All three kitties sleeping on the sofa.

This is Socks. This is Socks’ chair. This is the laundry basket we put on Socks’ chair. He was fine with it.

This is Boots. She’s asleep. Weird position, but she’s asleep. Ignore the eyes being open.

This is Spotty Kitty. She’s not asleep. She’s about to attack me if I take one more flash picture of her.

And that’s the update for this week.

More sawdust next week,


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