How to Stay Productive While Taking A Break From Technology

Currently, Lately

In my opinion, the biggest downfall to being a blogger is feeling like you must be constantly connected.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the idea of detaching yourself from your online presence seem really, really difficult? I feel so out of the loop when I’m not putting up content on one of my social medias or scrolling through my Twitter feed.

And although I love being connected, at the same time, I also hate it. It’s hard to get away from technology, especially when you use it for a lot of your work. You want to take a break from it, but you want to be productive, forcing you to answer the question: Should I give myself time away from the Internet or should I be productive today?

That being said, today I want to share some of my favorite ways of being productive sans technology. If you’ve ever…

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