How Shivya Nath Turned Her Travel Blog into a Book


Five years after becoming a digital nomad, travel blogger Shivya Nath just hit another major milestone: last month her book, The Shooting Star (named after her popular blog), was published by Penguin India. We recently caught up with Shivya to chat about her blog-to-book journey, the always-evolving travel-blog scene, and her other recent adventures.

Congratulations on your book! How did The Shooting Star evolve from a blog to its new, physical format?

Thank you; I’m so excited that The Shooting Star is out as a book in the universe now. It was definitely a serendipitous development. Over seven years ago, when I first started travel blogging, I had no idea of the things it was going to lead to — a life of long-term travel, a sustainable source of income, a chance to work with some great people and brands, and now, a book!

In retrospect, my blog…

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