Prague In Autumn: All you can CULTURE

ARCO Guesthouse - History & Culture

After the summer break with all its rather tourist oriented jingle jangle the vacationers are getting their city back – I don’t mean the permanently overcrowded downtown but the Prague that offers her citizens a rich cultural life which you – travellers, not tourists, are welcome to experience as well.

My selection is, of course, a personal choice, but with the help of the links provided you can put together your personal menu. I – running little ARCO Guesthouse – am more than ready to help you with that, as you could sometimes get lost in translation, and I am offering themed city walks that give you deep insight into the city’s history, complementing the visit of a concert, a museum, an exhibition.

Apart from a wide variety of music from classical to Jazz to contemporary (Struny podzimu – the Strings of Autumn, Oct. 9 through Nov. 10) there…

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