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Author: Jules Beshears

Best Value Flagship Smartphone: Galaxy Note 9

note-9-lavender-purpleI know, I know.. Did he just say the $1,000 Samsung Note 9 was the best value flagship smartphone you could buy in 2018. Why yes, Yes I did. I’ll prove to you that I didn’t bump my head and that it’s really a great deal, cheap in fact.

Released and Reviewed

Samsung recently released the Galaxy Note 9 to the public on August 24, 2018. Praise for this device has been shouted from the rooftops of tech blogs and reviewers everywhere. If you want a refresher we also have a review of this amazing device and you can read that here (Review). All that said the Note 9 is a great device. Notice I called it a device and not a phone because it’s far from a phone. As a mobile phone it’s incredibly cheap hence the title of…

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