Bored/ Street Photography in Jaipur


Have you ever waited? Waited for a long time? I captured the following set of pictures during a photo walk in Jaipur. It was the same photo walk which I mentioned in 11 seconds.

You can read some of these interesting photo walks in Jaipur in these links –Photo Walk in Jaipur Faceless Frames ” Hands”, Eye-less, Shapes.


It was early morning. These two men were sitting on a tractor in one of the old bazaars of Jaipur. I have no clue as to what they were waiting for. Maybe for the customer. Maybe to meet someone. Just a guess! But they looked extremely bored. Especially the driver.


Have you ever waited? Do you get bored as well? I do, sometimes but most of the times in a busy market like this, there is enough to see and do.

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