3 Things in Fitness You Need to Understand

Homer Pensando

These things came up in various conversations recently, so I thought I would share them with you all.

1. Minimum Protein Intake for Woman

I realize many of you only picture bodybuilders when you imagine consuming alot of protein, but that’s a wrong image.

For the sake of this article, my only point is to address woman who are strength training with a goal of building/sustaining lean muscle tissue as well as strength.

You‘ve probably heard numerous protein recommendations from different people including know-it-all Karen at work and your overweight doctor.

I will simplify this.

Actually, I just want to talk minimums.

For females specifically.

I don’t care if you weigh 105 pounds or 205 pounds nor do I care what your body fat is.

Your minimum protein intake should be 90 grams per day.

No, I am not going to attach sources validating my recommendations.

I am going to validate it…

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