3 Fun Facts About Mission: Impossible – Fallout

A Movie Lovers Review

Right when you think the mission is 100% impossible, Ethan Hunt proves you wrong time and time again.

As a die-hard Mission: Impossible fan I was so pumped for the latest installment to hit theaters with some familiar faces – Tom Cruise (duh), Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg – as well as some new faces including Henry Cavill, Angela Bassett and Alec Baldwin. After Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation fell short in 2015, I was excited for Cruise and the rest of his clan to redeem themselves.

Fallout is intense, thrilling and smart with bits of humor sprinkled through out. When a mission goes wrong, only Ethan can make it right but it’s never easy. This film follows the same formula as the other M:I films with everything from explosions to fight scenes to death defying stunts. Here are some fun facts about Fallout that has the internet…

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