Adjustments Of Becoming Healthy

Motivated 2 Be Fit

Prime adult female Caucasians in yoga class.

Struggling to get in shape is almost normal for me.  I realized that I am no spring chicken.   I have to learn all about good nutrition to successfully reach my weight loss and fitness goals.  I, like so many others, have tried a barrage of notions, potions, and diets.  One thing I realized is, you can lose weight with many of them if you focus on the principles and regiments correctly.  However, diets are not a long-term solution.  I mentioned this before, lifestyle change is a must for a long-term result.

Here Is What Did Not Work for Me

Last year I looked into the mirror and was not happy with my results.  I have worked out at the gym for several years and still looked the same.  I could not afford a coach, and from what I have read in the past…

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