10 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight


artificial-background-birthday-1073776Make these small changes for a healthier you, with slimming benefits for that stubborn weight!

  1. Not knowing why you want to lose weight.
    A lot of people like to dive right in, skip the planning, the why, and lose weight quick. It could be for an event, summer, or just because they are tired of not loving the body they’ve got.

    But, seeing true weight loss success and keeping it off takes planning, determination, and staying motivated. Not only that, but your “why” for doing it has to be better than “because I want to wow everybody at the wedding in March with my hot new bod.” That can definitely be a reason, but most of the time reasons like those don’t provide long lasting results. When I was able to finally see changes, it was because I decided I wanted to change my lifestyle. I was tired of feeling…

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