Body positivity


Body positivism is one of the vital necessity we need to embrace for our physical and mental daily growth of our life.

Have you ever been called by people as fatso,skinny,giraffe,skinny stick,hairy princess,thunder thighs,hippo,fatty???????????

According to the recent study conducted by static brain research it is said that 91% of woman are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting. In fact 90% of men are not happy with their bodies at some or other point in their life.This does not not end here it spreads among our children,school kids,teens are also equivalently vulnerable to the concept of body insecurity.

I would like to specify this blog is entirely about body positivity not body shaming.Because I don’t care what they think about you.I do really care what you think about yourself.I am not going to lecture you about how to take care of your health,eat healthy food,exercise,do yoga,hit the gym…

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