Five Foodie-Approved Short Breaks to Take this Summer

Life on the Wedge

I’m in the process of researching and booking my Summer vacation destinations. The criteria for 2018 are unchanged from last year: solid foodie credentials, direct flights on Qatar Airways and as few visa entanglements as I can muster.

If you are, like me, when choosing a destination, food is a major consideration. Well, let’s be honest, it’s probably top of the list along with easy (or no visas) visas and bearable flight times.And many times, I book a food tour before I book a hotel.

All the below destinations are a manageable four to five hours from Doha and have visa on arrival or e-visas AND have the Life on the Wedge seal of foodie approval.

What’s stopping you? Get booking!


India in the monsoon season is something to behold. As a desert dweller, the novelty of heavy rain never seems to wear off (call me strange), but I…

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