10 Motivational Quotes

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I have gotten into the habit of either watching motivational videos or listening to motivational speeches on Spotify. I wanted to share a list of quotes that help me feel motivated. They inspire me to embrace and endure the storm. The first one is mine. I also read the Bible so I might toss in a verse in here or the following blog, shortly. Here are the first ten quotes. I will post the other ten in a different post. I try to write short blogs because we all have lives to attend to and can’t read all day long. But please do read both of them–perhaps not today but on a different. Thank you!

Feel free to drop your own quotes!

  1. Just because you work hard, it doesn’t mean you will get rewarded, and yet you must persevere until you to.
  2. “They say I couldn’t…because it hasn’t been done…

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