You CAN Be Too Brief


We’ve all heard the advice. Whether you’re blogging, tweeting, or writing a letter, shorter is better.  Right?

But it is possible to be too brief.  fresh fish sold here

The fishmonger looked up proudly at his new hand-painted sign.  “Fresh fish sold here,” it proclaimed.

A friend tapped him on the shoulder. “Nice sign, but it shouldn’t say ‘fresh'”, he advised.  “That makes people think about the possibility that it…might not be.”

The fishmonger took his paintbrush and painted over the “fresh.”

Another friend asked, “Why does it say ‘here’?  Where else would you be selling it?”

The fishmonger painted out the word “here.”

“Sold?” asked a third friend.  “Does anybody think you give your fish for free?”

One more swipe of the brush removed the ‘sold.’

A fourth friend scoffed, “Why say ‘fish’?  You can smell them a mile away!”

With a sigh, the fishmonger raised his brush and painted out the last…

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