A Tropical Immersion

Therapeutic Misadventures

As we all know, the temperatures outside of a dwelling or commercial building have been challenging these last few days. The MEDIA has even coined a name for the frozen state of the country –The Polar Vortex.

To celebrate January 8, my one year anniversary of blogging, I decided it was time for a little vacation.  My destination was  Magic Wings in Greenfield, MA. It was another adventure with my blogging buddy Laura from touringnh.com. She had been before, and I’m sure will treat us to some amazing photos from this trip in the coming weeks. I’m pretty darned proud of my own shots, but it was the sensory overload I want to try to impart to you.

I walked inside from 13° F with my arctic grade, Cabela’s finest, anorak, covering a minimum of 3 layers. My long underwear has long underwear. OK, TMI as…

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