The Meadow of Hares

Images from Finchley

It’s a stones’ throw away from me but also a bit further than an arrow’s flight… Haringey – The boundary with the London Borough of Barnet is just about a mile away from my house but Harringay Station is around 4 miles. Both names, along with Hornsey, have a common historic link to the Saxon settlement of Haeringehaia – haeringe being the old English for a ‘meadow of Hares’ (According to Wikipedia at least). You’d be hard put to find any Hares in the area these days although there is a lot of green space to wander through😎

On Sunday I treated myself to a new pair of walking boots for my photographic / trainspotting expeditions. So, on Monday it was time to try them out. When you’re trying new boots a degree of sense is needed – not too far to start with.

I have been thinking about visiting…

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