Expert Tips For Backpacking Through Europe.

Bemused Backpacker

Travel tips for the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Backpacking through Europe is a dream for many, but is not always as easy as other destinations. Europe is a unique melting pot of culture, architecture, cuisine, history and heritage, but it can also be expensive and with 44 distinct countries each with their own cultures, norms, rules and regulations, it can be confusing too. So to help you out here are my expert tips for backpacking Europe.

Europe as a backpacker destination may not be as popular as traditional regions such as the Banana Pancake trail in south east Asia or the Gringo Trail in south America, but it isn’t far behind! Romantic notions of spring time in Paris, getting to grips with the sheer amount of unique, empire defining history and heritage, exploring quaint local villages and cosmopolitan cities alike, and then taking the train through majestic mountain ranges one day before sailing around Mediterranean islands the next…

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