These 45 Innovative Uses For Vaseline Prove It’s Not Just For Skin!

Daily Economy News

Your Vaseline pot in your bathroom has other uses than hydrating your lips or your dry skin. From simple health use to extreme tricks, the traditional Vaseline ($4) is a multipurpose product that has a lot of uses. There are so many incredible everyday functions that you can simplify with Vaseline, and it will make your life that much easier. You will not believe how many different things there are to do with Vaseline. We wrap up 45 tricks that you must try.

1. Easily Sliding Refrigerator Drawers

There are few things more frustrating than being hungry and not being able to get any food out of a sticking fridge drawer. Thankfully, a bit of Vaseline will have you munching in no time!

All the stiff and uncooperative drawer needs is a light lather of Vaseline paste around the exterior sides of the drawer in the place where the sliding…

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