Let us go for a walk

My Camera & I (2)

“Make a splash
Take time to reflect
Listen to nature
Reed more
Be green
Don’t get bogged down
What’s the rush?”
– YourTrueNature.com

Many times I have wrote about my journey overseas or my visit to nearby Melbourne streets or to some towns in Victoria, Australia.

But for Anne’s topic for this week, Local Vistas, I have decided to take you to my “go to” place when I am by my lonesome. I would often come here when my husband’s at work, or when I just want to have some “me time”.

This is also in connection to Jo’s Monday Walk

The wetlands was my constant companion during the pandemic but now that situations have somewhat gone back to some normalcy, I can revisit the places I used to spend hours and hours just sitting quietly. But this time the difference is, I can take you with me.


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