Getting back to writing after a rut

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You know the feeling, writing everyday, crushing NaNoWriMo, finishing your first draft & staying on top of everything.

Even if it’s just staying on track for 3 days, it feels pretty amazing.

& then you stop writing for half a year or even more. Ups.

The guilt, the shame, that little voice in your head repeating to you “You’re not a writer, You don’t even write. How can you pick up that project after a Millenia of ignoring it?”

But also just missing writing for fun, because yes writing is fun. That’s why you chose to be a writer right? You enjoyed writing & odds are you probably still do.

So, how does one go back to the basics?

First thing first: Free yourself from judgement

So you having written in ages & you don’t even remember how to use commas, anymore, who…

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