Xbox Wireless Controller Review


While the Xbox Wireless Controller isn’t packed with features, it has a premium feel with an ergonomic design, and is a worthy upgrade over its predecessor

Xbox Wireless Controller

Today we’re having a look at Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Controller, also known as the Series X|S. This controller is meant as an upgrade over the Xbox One Controller, however it is backwards compatible with the Xbox One consoles. As a matter of fact, these controllers are interchangeable, so you could even use the old Xbox One controller on the newer Series X or S consoles.

Xbox Wireless (top) vs Xbox One (bottom)

At first glance, you can see this isn’t drastically different from the Xbox One controller, although there are a few upgrades, some more nuanced than others. Putting it side by side with the Xbox One, we see two apparent differences: there is an added Share button and the D-Pad…

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